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Lightroom & Photoshop Essentials 

Image editing works hand-in-hand with all photography, and understanding the programs' tools and limits is essential to elevating your artwork

Navigating the darkroom

The most important aspect of the editing process is to get the exposure and shot right the first time, thereafter the editing process is easy. Many people take beautiful photos but are then overwhelmed by the seemingly complex editing programs so their photos lack that professional edge.


My Lightroom & Photoshop Essentials Workshop is a one-on-one tailored experience designed to guide you through the specific program of your choice: both the eloquent ease of Lightroom or the power of Photoshop. I guide you through the array of available options and show you how to take your photo from good to great, adding presets and macros to make your workflow quick and efficient.

My rates are hourly with a minimum of 3 hours which can be split over different days to accommodate you. Workshops can be held online or for an additional cost, I can come to your home on the Northern Beaches.

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